The Artist

Hello, I'm Connie and this is my story of over 30 years of faith, passion, and my love of "lovely things". This is what fuels me to create the work that I do from my little studio here in the Chicagoland area and, I love it.

My Start

I was raised in one of Chicago's housing projects but I have always loved lovely things. Anything pretty whether it was fabrics, colors, designs and faces was what kept me going.  

After college I worked for a couple of corporations as a secretary until I settled in working for corporate law offices in downtown Chicago for many years. On weekends and during holidays with three children in tow I sold floral designs in numerous school, hospital, and church craft shows and I did a little wedding work as well. 

My self taught design style is a bit off the beaten path, but I like it out here. I am in love with creating beautiful things and I will do it as long as I can. I have no desire to ever retire.

My Journey

One year during the holiday season my Christmas floral decorations seemed incomplete. I really wanted to find a beautiful Christmas Angel Tree Topper for the top of my Christmas tree to finish my holiday decor.  It proved to be an impossible task and a real disappointment.

During my frustration I decided to create my own. It was lovely and I received so many compliments. After much coaxing from friends and family I decided to create a collection of angels and added them to my holiday booth of floral designs at the malls one year.

The Tree Toppers were a big hit at the malls and shows that I participated in. I started to get request for different gown colors, hair colors, skin colors. I added a few non Christmas themed dolls that represented different Bible verses and this led me to begin creating the Inspirational Art Dolls to provide those who wanted collectible dolls to add to their home decor and office spaces that symbolized various encouraging scriptures.

In 2011 my son convinced me to get on the "worId wide web". So I decided to come off the road, and I have no regrets. I have met some wonderful people on the internet in my shop on Etsy. "The Divine Angel Shop"

My Passion

Originality is very important to me. You will never find anything in my shop that is a copy of someone elses design. My designs are labor intensive, but I love  the challenge, the task and all the nik picky details.

All of my gowns are free hand cut without patterns. They are machine and hand sewn as I see them in my mind. 

I do repaints and enhancements to vintage porcelain faces, vinyl dolls and even tinker with clay. Many times I create my own wigs and wings. 

Much time and love goes into each doll to make it a one of a kind collectible of heirloom quality and a gift you would be proud to present. 

I enjoy finding fresh avenues of inspiration from scriptures from the Bible, different themes, genres, holidays, colors and events. With such a broad scope for the imagination it is especially fun to "make each one the only one". It makes them as unique as we are as individuals. I create what I hope will bring some beauty, joy, peace, and a positive faith filled inspiration to your home or office. That's my goal and I strive to do my best! Please contact me:  if you would like to know more about my RETURN POLICY.

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Well that's enough about me. 

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